SapioX: how do we ensure the quality?

Quality is important. When you teach, you must love your subject, you must know it down to every detail. And must know how to explain it to your students so they don’t yawn and fall asleep during your class.

Let’s be honest. There are some bad teachers. Like bad cooks, bad policemen, bad doctors. World is not perfect. I remember my school when I was a teenager. No enthusiastic teachers. Lots of rudeness, yelling, disrespect for pupils. Nobody cared if we knew the subject. We had to stay late at night with our parents repeating and trying to understand what we were taught during the day. Public school, what can I say more.

So yes, it is very important that you love what you do. And we hope our teachers do love what they teach. We accept everyone without pre-screening. We give everyone a chance. But we do occasional test classes when we randomly pick a teacher, take a class like a regular student and see how they do it.

Also it is important that when a student takes a class, he leaves a detailed review about their teacher. When you take a ride with Uber or when you purchase something on Amazon, you leave a review. Do the same when you take a class with a certain teacher.

Teaching is hard but it is much easier when you love it. And when you love it, you’ll be best at it.

David Karlin

I write about what's most interesting to me