Is Distance Learning better than Real Life Class?

I have been seeing a lot of debates recently over this. Distance learning or real life class, which is better. And I’m not even talking about Covid and health safety measures now. There shouldn’t be any debates in the first place. Cause everything serves its purpose. When you live in a big city or even in a small community where everything’s close and within 15 minutes walking range, it’s really good. You’re easily able to visit classes in person, communicate, socialize, make new friends, have a cup of coffee after. I love all this.

But what if you live in a remote village and have to spend an hour or two driving your kids to school or have to take a public transport to get to your college? Or even worse — walk there? And it is a problem all around the globe. Especially Africa, Asia, South America. People live in remote places, there are no roads, no means of transportation. Even in Europe there are lot of places where it takes up to two hours to get kids to college. And then up to two hours back, and that is rural France where I happen to live. Kids from my village go to college in the city, takes them about 1 hour 40 minutes to get there by bus and about 40 minutes by car.

Up to four hours a day just to get to college and back. Pardon my French, but this is crazy. There gotta be a better solution. And that solution is distance learning. Luckily now we all have access to the internet almost everywhere and smartphones are affordable. Why not use this opportunity and save on fuel, save those valuable hours and hours spent in buses and cars.

Real life classes are important. We should keep those. We have to be able to socialize. But sometimes we have to be pragmatic. This is where distance learning comes into play. We could utilize technology now to save us a lot of time, money, make less carbon footprint. And spend those valuable hours for something better.

Olesya Tarasova

SapioX co-founder




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David Karlin

I write about what's most interesting to me

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