A new {anti}social network that we all need more than any other

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People spend a lot of time on social networks presenting a polished and, most of the time, untrue version of themselves. Now we got VigilantX.com

VigilantX was created by people who know what the real abuse, bullying and harassment is. At first they may look like yet another social network website, but in fact it is more like an anti-social network. Here is a quote from their website:

While people prefer to show their ‘good side’ online, together we are going to show their dark side and let the world know who’s hiding their true colors.
Think of VigilantX as a Trustpilot or Yelp but we are reviewing real persons instead of businesses.

Most of the time abusers never get reported and continue their malicious acts hurting other people for many years. Victims sometimes are too afraid to go to police, they suffer both physically and morally, and that includes children, women, elderlies, people with disabilities.
Our aim is to create a database of every known abuser. We want to warn other people who they’re dealing with.
Meet someone new, going on a date? Check our website first, maybe the person is already in our database.
Your new boss or coworker seems a bit handsy? Check them out or submit them at VigilantX.
Your ex was using drugs, stole from you, cheated, lied, hurt you in any way? Create a profile of them and let others be warned.
Someone tricked you into believing they’re not who they are and took advantage of you? Expose them!
You know anyone who’s involved into illegal or shady activities such as selling drugs, human trafficking, scam, abusing of minors? Report them to police and don’t forget to create a profile for them at VigilantX.

Don’t be afraid. If you suffer and fallen a victim of a violent and dangerous person, if they took advantage of you of any kind, if they manipulate you, harass, beat you, abuse, if there was a history of domestic abuse or sadistic behavior, if you know anyone like that in your social circle, please do everyone a favor and report them at VigilantX.

Create a profile for a person you’d like to report, supply as much info as possible about their behavior, photos, links to their social networks profiles, other proof. You can stay anonymous if you prefer, but we urge you to be specific. Do not lie in your statement, lies can ruin innocent persons’ life and please try to be objective about a person you’re reporting.
Please never use our service if you simply want to take revenge or as a prank.
Our goal is to make our world a safer place and make sure every jerk out there is exposed.

If you feel threatened or in danger, act fast. Know your local police number and call them immediately, warn your neighbors, relatives, friends. Install an application that allows you to make secret calls to police or any other number you prefer. Never let the situation to go too far!

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